Boots on the Loose

Coffee at Home, Tea on the Road

After a fair number of tours abroad over the past 15+ years, one thing has become very apparent to me that I find quite fascinating: when I travel, which unquestionably is my greatest passion in life, my habits completely change, and not just due to circumstance.

Opposite from home, when I’m away I turn my phone off unless it needs to be on. I eat a small breakfast and a small, inexpensive dinner with little or nothing in between. I eat fruit, I drink lots of pop, and I do sit-ups and push-ups every day; I shower in the evening instead of the morning. I eat and drink the cheapest thing on the menu and avoid buying anything unnecessary at all costs. I walk everywhere I can, resulting in stretches of two to eight hours every single day without thinking about it. I read and write more, I talk to strangers often, I don’t do anything I don’t want to do, and I start every day with a strong cup of tea.

Keep in mind, none of this takes any effort whatsoever, because I’m not making any sort of point to do any of it. It’s just what I do when I’m away.

As a result, I’m ready to fall asleep by 10:30pm every night and usually sleep straight through to 8am, but rarely later, and I never feel hungover no matter how much I accidentally drank the day before. I lose 10 to 20 pounds every time I go away and feel stronger and more energetic every day I’m away. My skin goes darker, my hair goes lighter, the ringing in my ears stops, and I feel healthier, happier and free as a bird. Instead of days and weeks zipping by like they’re minutes and hours, time seems to stand still giving me a chance to stop and think about life.

Indeed, if they sold trashy Boots magazines at the supermarket checkout about how to lose weight and feel good about yourself, it would simply be a front cover telling you to quit your job and go traveling for three months.

Causes for This Cause and Effect

  • Circumstance

There’s no question that circumstance plays a part, or at least played a part at some point to get the habit happening. I started drinking tea because it’s very consistent everywhere in the world – coffee is only good in about five countries.

  • No Daily Routine

Nothing kills my soul like the slog of a daily routine. Without it, my mind opens and I naturally do different things. Variety is a guarantee when travelling, it is the spice of life, and it seems to breed itself, too.

  • Experience Enhancement

I think that I automatically switch modes because I know that I’m doing my favourite thing, and each one of these habits further reminds me of exactly that. I look forward to my morning tea because it further reminds me that I’m traveling. Furthermore, the effect feels great – not only am I doing my favourite thing, I feel great while doing it!

My Plan to Drink More Tea

Given how much better my life is when doing my passion, it seems logical that I should be working towards maximizing the amount of time I do my passion. In fact it took me a while to even understand that my passion was indeed travelling, but I now know it to be true. It’s very important that a person knows what their passion is I think.

As much as many people seem to think we are travel juggernauts, we are not. Yet. We are working towards a lifestyle where up to half of our lives will be spent on the road each year in some form. I plan on making this happen within the next three to five years. Maybe then we will be travel juggernauts.

Do you know what your passion is? Do you have a similar plan, one that allows you to maximize time spent doing your passion?


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