Boots on the Loose

Letter to Santa

Dear Santa,

I hope you and Mrs. Claus had a wonderful year since my last letter to Santa! I know I did, finally making a very major change in my life after having spent so long doing nothing about it, even though I could have done something about it a long, long time ago. Us normal-powered humans have some odd qualities, that is for sure!

Anyway, my Christmas list this year is a lot shorter than it has been in the past, but it’s perhaps also a lot more difficult to fulfill than those past lists. I sure hope those elves can work some serious magic this time.

Unlike when I was a child, I actually want nothing for myself this year. Especially not anything physical that I will have to eventually put in a box and guiltily move from basement to basement, or worse even, something that will be obsolete by next year’s letter to you ending up in a garbage dump before then! Yuck!

On top of all that, I’ve already given myself the perfect gift this year: nothing more than the simple memory of waking up in a bungalow on a tropical beach, spending the day completely happy, relaxed, and stress free. I do realize that many people find this very selfish of me, Christmas is supposed to be about being with family (even though it tends to be a heck of a lot more about stress and spending money these days); personally I think it’s far more meaningful to spend time with family on days of my choosing, instead of days some odd tradition tells me I should! But I digress.

Now I realize making big changes in life is a very difficult and scary thing for most people. To the point where it can even severely hold a person back from getting what they truly want out of life. Big changes must be made one small step at a time! And so what I want this year is this: for everyone who reads my weekly blather (many thanks to all of them!) to spend the week between this Christmas and New Years thinking about what their ultimate life would be if it could be anything they wanted. No highs are too high. Nothing in their lives right now can be a barrier. The sky is the limit!

And then what I want after that is for all those people to skip this New Year’s nearsighted resolution of joining a gym or eating less of something or whatever, and instead pledge to spending the first half of next year figuring out the steps to get to that ultimate goal they just spent the week figuring out, no matter how many steps there are or how long the steps will take.

And then Santa, I want one last thing from you, I realize it’s starting to sound like a lot though, I’m really sorry: when the time is right at some point in the latter half of next year, I want everyone of those people to make that first, intentionally basic step happen.

Phew, that’s it!

It is a lot to ask, I know. I should warn you now though: if things go the way I want, I will be asking for a lot more next year 🙂

Oh, and while you’re out there zipping around the planet tonight, if you see anyone else that perhaps could benefit from my wish list, perhaps you could drop my name for me. I know it ends up being more work for you, but I feel pretty strongly this could be a good thing for everyone.

Thanks very much for your great effort with this list, Merry Christmas to both you and Mrs. Claus, and I hope you have a great night!

Yours truly,


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